unsuspected deaths of puppies

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unsuspected deaths of puppies

Inlägg  BeeBronx i mån okt 20, 2008 11:49 am

Detta har jag kopierat med tillstånd från skribenten

After a number of people over the past while have contacted me regarding early and unsuspected deaths of puppies (over age 4-6 weeks and under a year) I have begun compiling information regarding this.

I'm working with a vet and genetisist to help me better understand connections if any, that could point towards preventing these premature deaths.

We are looking for information on litters that had the following:

1)birth defects which include organ misplacement, skeletal issues which could be missing limbs, deformed limbs, deformity in the skull or body. cleft palate.This steps outside the desired age limit but we feel it is important to get a good idea of the amount of these things happening. We also feel that puppies that fade or chill would be good to keep track of, and ask for those numbers and any details as to circumstances around the fatality be listed)

2)Fading puppies over the age of 4 weeks which could include megasophagus, or other internal issues that would arise upon introduction of solid foods during the weaning process.

3)Vaccine reactions resulting in death, or indirectly resulting in death due to comprimised immune systems, or neurological fall out because of seizures apparent at the reaction.

4)Cardiac problems prior to a year of age. Specific diagnosis would be needed to better document each case.

5)Neurological conditions resulting in fatalities, which can include epilepsy, tumours or toxic reactions.

6)Unknown or untraced causes

All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

There is hope that there will be a detailed health survey available in the next twelve months with the information going directly to a third party non partisan compiler to enable us to see accurately if there are more issues than what we current are aware of and the degree to which they are apparent. GPCC will be approached about sponsoring this survey, with the results (no names, just numbers) being available upon completion to the general public.

Kontakta Heather Green vid ev information - brokenglass@pei.sympatico.ca

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Sv: unsuspected deaths of puppies

Inlägg  Suvi med Sniff i mån okt 20, 2008 12:45 pm

Jag förmodar att detta är något som uppfödare ska göra? I Sniffens kull fanns en tik med högerställd aorta - persisterande höger gälbåge, och enligt SKK gäller: "hundens nära släktingar bör användas i mycket begränsad omfattning och med noggrann uppföljning av avkommans hjärtstatus".
Uppfödaren har valt att mörka detta. Tiken är avlivad och de syskon jag fått tag på ska inte avlas på enligt ägarna.

Hur ser det ut med rapportskyldighet vad gäller medfödda och ärftliga defekter?
Suvi med Sniff
Suvi med Sniff

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Sv: unsuspected deaths of puppies

Inlägg  Saila i mån okt 20, 2008 11:51 pm

När man fyller i registreringen för en valpkull så ska man fylla i hur många valpar som föddes totalt, ev. dödfödda och ev. avlivade. Sen fyller man i hur många nu levande tikar/hanar. Ingen orsak till de ev. dödfödda (vet man ju sällan) eller ev. avlivad valp behöver anges. Utöver detta finns det ingen rapportskyldighet


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Sv: unsuspected deaths of puppies

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